Creative planners, unconventional brides and group costume lovers, rent our affordable, portable, easy set-up OMG Jellyfish Bloom. 


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customer accolades

bat mitzvah

Having Billion Jelly Bloom at our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah was simply amazing.
Such a creative, innovative crowd pleaser!
The five we ordered were delivered on time and easy to assemble, and returning was very straightforward.
And so much fun to use - our guests danced with them throughout the entire party and never bored of them!
Best part of all is they are very photogenic - our party photos look amazing, and we’ll have such great memories of the event.
— Gabrielle

Electric Run

Electric Run is the World's Premier Nighttime 5k run/walk experience, where the participants are an integrated part of the show.

The jellies were a perfect fit for our event. They are beautiful, and the construction is really good. They are very intuitive, easy to assemble, and very quick to breakdown and store.
— Brandt Hill, Creative Director, Electric Run

Family Reunion

An annual event that brings 4 generations together. The venue was a barn on the families property and included a performance by a favorite blue grass band.

What a blast to have the jellies at our barn party! It was such a fun surprise for all the guests and totally unexpected. I especially love that they’re unbreakable so I could let the kids have a go without worrying! They had so much fun twirling, running, and dancing all over the place with their new light up friends.
— Haley Jude, Family Reunion Planner

Group Costume

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

I saw the Jellys at Burning Man and instantly knew they’d work in our parade entry! Thanks guys and HAPPY MARDI GRAS
— Luke Kelly, Member, The Sydney Stingers

equipment specifications


The OMG Jellyfish

The OMG Jellyfish is the first of it's kind large jellyfish puppet. Made of durable fabrics, strong and lightweight components, with an ultra-compact inflatable internal chassis that brings the jellyfish to life.

The Rental OMG Jellyfish has upgraded lighting from the for-purchase model that commands attention with 600 lumens of light, dramatic 60" long flowing tentacles all attached to an adjustable 8 ft. performance pole that  but packs away into a yoga-mat-sized travel bag.



  • Bright: 600 lumens per jellyfish

  • Set up time: 1-2 minutes each jellyfish

  • 5 hours of flashlight battery life

  • Weight: 3 lbs.

  • Height: Adjustable from 7 ft. to 8 ft.

  • Packed size: 26" x 5" x 5"