TAKE YOUR DANCE PARTY TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Hire The wondrous crowd-surfing, luminous jellyfish bloom For your next FESTIVAL.  


Professionally Staged Jellyfish Bloom

Our Professionally Staged Jellyfish Bloom packages include both a professional, on-site Bloom Leader for flawless communication through to execution and exclusive access to the OMFG Jellyfish, our largest, super-bright, most delightful performance jellyfish. 



10 OMFG Jellyfish Bloom Participatory

  • 10 OMFG Jellyfish
  • Two Bloom Leaders
  • Four hours of performance
  • You provide 10 performers

From $2500.00 USD


10 OMFG Jellyfish Bloom

  • 10 OMFG Jellyfish
  • Two Bloom Leaders
  • Four hours of performance
  • 10 professional OMFG Jellyfish performers

From $4500.00 USD


client accolades

Treasure Island Music Festival

The OMFG Jellyfish performed while Beck, Thom Yorke, Phantogram, Explosions in the Sky and many more rocked the ghostly galleon themed venue for 25,000 enthusiastic music fans. Thanks again to Treasure Island Music Festival producer Stacy Horne. 

Billion Jelly Bloom were great to work with and brought such a special, unique element to our Festival. They added some really singular and special moments to the evening performances.
— Stacey Horne, Producer, Treasure Island Music Festival

California Academy of Sciences

Every urban jellyfish's favorite museum, the California Academy of Sciences invited the Maha Jellyfish bloom to undulate at NightLife, their weekly, adults-only, night-time frolic of "music, creatures and cocktails."

My favorite event of the evening...was the people jellies straight from Burning Man...It’s as if our jellies escaped and floated up to revel in the moonlight. Gorgeous. Everyone loved this performance with lots of clapping and cheering.
— Elizabeth Babcock, Chief Education and Digital Strategy Officer

Burning Man

Awarded an Art Honorarium for Burning Man 2011, Billion Jelly Bloom designed and produced 25 new OMFG Jellyfish. We performed and welcomed others to perform the OMFGs, swarming art cars and undulating through playa sculptures.

We were overwhelmed with the beauty and artistry of the Billion Jelly Bloom. The team created an installation that was innovative, inspiring, and entertaining. Everyone who had a chance to see the jellyfish were enchanted, and couldn’t wait to see them again. It was my honor and privilege to work with the Billion Jelly Bloom, I look forward to seeing them grow and evolve for years to come.
— Beth "Bettie June" Scarborough, Associate Director, Arts Management

Seriously Everybody Loves the Jellyfish 

meet our bloom leaders


Bloom Leader Marina
North America East Coast / Europe /
Central & South America

Based in New York City, Marina has led more than 20 blooms since 2011. Marina's resourceful grace under pressure is legendary, leading spectacular performances at large outdoor events and impromptu flashblooms. She runs business operations of a cloud services company. 


Bloom Leader Ethan
North America West Coast / Canada

Leading more than 10 blooms since 2013, Ethan's enthusiastic undulation, natural leadership and thorough client care are the most common unprompted reviews from our clients. Ethan is materials engineer specializing in failure analysis. He lives in San Francisco and collects periodic table elements.


Bloom Leader Carly
North America West Coast / Canada

Carly's tenacity and enthusiasm for all things invertebrate is as boundless as it is unassailable. She's bloomed  private events and large-scale festivals up and down the West Coast. She operates out of San Francisco where she works for a non-profit legal services organization. 


Bloom Leader Toni 
North America West Coast and South

Toni has deep expertise and experience with mega-puppet creation and performance. She's a charismatic natural leader with an expansive heart. She's a director at children's museum in Berkeley. 


A Social Mediasplosive Experience

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