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Just in time for summer festival season, we've made the same totem pole we use with our OMG Jellyfish available so you can raise your own amazing totem to the electric sky.

Discounted pricing when you purchase 3 or 5 pole sets.

Limited availability. 




Rave Totem Pole
from 50.00

Designed for use with our own jellyfish totems these poles have been rave-tested at over 30 events. The poles are lightweight, durable and compact for easy travel.  

Up to 20% discount on multiple unit sets.


I know. We're super bummed too.

We currently have no plans to produce more for-sale OMG Jellyfish.


After painstakingly producing and delivering our first 350 units of the OMG Jellyfish (THANK YOU Kickstarter Backers!!!) our profit was zero and our investment of time was much more than zero. 

There were the obvious ways to improve our margin (move the cut & sew production to Mexico, assemble the jellyfish in Asia, increase the retail price) but many of the solutions required 5,000 unit minimums. More importantly, managing international production just wasn't aligned with our passion.

What if I REALLY NEED a jellyfish?

We upgraded the last 35 OMG Jellyfish and started a rental program. 

We know, it's not the same as having your very own. But then again, you can get five rental jellyfish for the price of 2.3 for-sale jellyfish and don't have to feel guilty that they've sat in your closet for the 3 months you're not at festivals.



We've left a bunch of detailed information about the for-sale OMG Jellyfish below as a kind of tribute to our beloved product.


The OMG Jellyfish

The OMG Jellyfish is the first of it's kind large jellyfish puppet. Made of durable fabrics, strong and lightweight components, with an ultra-compact inflatable internal chassis that brings the jellyfish to life.

The OMG Jellyfish commands attention with 200+ lumens of light, dramatic 60" long flowing tentacles all attached to an adjustable 8 ft. performance pole that  but packs away into a yoga-mat-sized travel bag.


Click to enlarge.


  • Bright: 200 lumens bright powered for

  • Set up time: 1-2 minutes each jellyfish

  • 90 minutes with two AA batteries

  • Weight: 3 lbs.

  • Height: Adjustable from 7 ft. to 8 ft.

  • Packed size: 26" x 5" x 5"